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Out of the Ashes
Requiem for the Phoenix
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The 9/11 terrorist attacks are nearly a five-year-old memory. Although the United States has never felt more secure, al Qaida is getting ready to prove otherwise.

Instead of commercial airliners, now al Qaida plans to use the "Phoenix," an E. coli super-bacterium-based weapon of mass destruction. Instead of fanatical Muslim terrorists, they have recruited three young American men to commit acts of bioterrorism without suspicion. Instead of targets like the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, their target is America's Heartland, unleashing the Phoenix on three unsuspecting cities while the nation celebrates its independence.

The government's ultra-secret Phoenix Task Force races against the clock to decode al Qaida's encrypted communications network and expose the Phoenix operation. President Richard Samuelson orders key task force agents army officer Matt Garret and government scientist Annie Stewart to infiltrate al Qaida's operation in the lush tropics of Costa Rica.

With only seven days left before the attack, Matt and Annie find themselves entangled in a tortuous web of love and terrorist intrigue, putting their lives at risk to unlock the secrets of the Phoenix and to stop al Qaida's diabolical plan before the Phoenix can rise "Out of the Ashes."

Out of the Ashes
Out of the Ashes